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AKP series

AKP300 series

AKP300A For General
For General

AKP300K For Cans, Bottles
For Cans, Bottles

AKP300P For Pet bottle
For Pet bottle

P/O No.AKP300A,AKP300K,AKP300P
Explanatory notesWith Fractionation seal.

Trash Bins for Garbage Separation AKP series

Best for Large capacity separate collection such as parks,playground,theme park etc,.It does not rust and beautiful,strong because it is made of FRP.Even if it is located att outside.
Line up: 160L


FRP material is outstanding durability.

The FPR materials are used in supersonic aircraft and Shinkansen, so its feature is durable and lightweight.Moreover,it dose neither lost beautiful gloss nor fade away semi-permanetly compared with the polyethylene materials.

Form a safety-conscious

The angle has become gentle rounded shape to avoid injury on contact.

Entrance shape suitable for separation

We offer three types Entrance shape according to the classification dumping. The Entrance shape is provided in the angle so that rain water does not flow.


Front door for easy recovery

Can collect the storage garbage easily from the front door. Since garbage bag hold is attached, an arrangement is also easy.

Anti-tip design

Can collect the storage garbage easily from the front door. Since the separation vessel is set, you can collect garbage speedily and cleanly.

Correspond to FRP resin thermal recycling.

FRP has been recycled as a rod-like solid fuel with high thermal efficiency. It is mainly used in the cement plant, the iron mill, the thermal power plant, etc. Ash after combustion is fully recyclable in the cement mix.



Exclusive seal B type

Exclusive seal B type
A seal available to a use freely.
Material:PVC film



Can install a dedicated key to the front door. Ii is useful if you need to manage your content.


A bin bag of 160 liters
A bin bag for exclusive use of AKP300
[Size] Width:1100*depth:1100*Height:1300, Thickness:0.05mm
100 pieces


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