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Jumbo Container C1000 / C1000F

Jumbo Container C1000 / C1000F

Jumbo Container C1000 / C1000F

P/O No.[Main body] C1000[Lid] C1000F
Size[Main body] Width:1670*Depth:1130*Height:800mm[Main body + Lid] Width:1702*Depth:1212*Height:884mm
[Lid] Width:1702*Depth:1212*Height:140mm
Weight[Main body] 50kg[Lid] 12kg
MaterialPolyethylene, Stainless steel metal fittings,
ColorLight green

Best for Industrial garbage container,and also good for recycling garbage container of a recycling cardboard,a gypsum board,a veneer waste.
Line up: 1000L


Flexible polyethylene

Polyethylene products are very elastic and the special feature is strong against a shock. Thickness is 10 mm so that shock intensity may become the maximum.

Stubborn rib structure

With the large rib structure,It is can collect and storage,transport a large amount of waste woods at once.It is designed to be load bearing.

Eyebolt for hanging

Opened and shut lid

Left and right are being connected by two hinges in order to open and close a lid easily.



You can install a 150mm diameter wheels to allow a little movement. (Freely caster with stopper 2 place,Free location caster:3place)


Character seal
It is possible to attach a character seal in the front of a main part.


The receipt of reverse system forklift exclusive use, metal fittings
They're received metal fittings for easy conveyance by a lift and a reversed lift. You can answer to 180° of revolution with a reversed lift and throw a scrap wood away quickly.


Set of hanging metal fittings
4 of exclusive lift (stainless) eye bolt and eye bolt support stainless metal fittings can be installed in order to catch and convey.



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