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CartShuttle CS800 / CS800F

CartShuttle CS800 / CS800F

CartShuttle CS800

P/O No.CS800
Size[Main body] Width:1470*Depth:750*Height:985mm
Material[Main body] FRP
[Connecting fitting] Steel (Melamine coating)
Color[Main body] White
Front-wheel side: Swivel caster
Handle side: Fixed caster with a stopper
Explanatory notesMain part and a lid option.
Standard drain outlet.
Forwarding Charges excluded.
P/O No.CS800F
Size[Main body] Width:1470*Depth:750*Height:120mm
Explanatory notesMain part and a lid option.
Standard drain outlet.
Forwarding Charges excluded.

It connects with a battery vehicle and a forklift and is an efficiency increase about collection conveyance of garbage.
Line up: 800L



Can run stable because it uses a large diameter casters dia.150mm.

FRP material is outstanding durability.

Since FRP products are also used in supersonic aircraft and Shinkansen, It is durable and lightweight. Moreover, It does not fade semi-permanent.


Mass transport at once by connecting

Cart shuttle CS-800 is connected by the battery vehicle or a forklift, and garbage collection and conveyance can be performed. A maximum of eight sets can be connected.

Connects by one-touch

The connection part considered for rotation of a cart is pin bolt connection. It can connect and dissociate safely and speedily by one-touch control.

Fold-up connection part

A connection implement can be folded up when not having connected. It does not take a place and does not become obstructive.


The drain plug and drain port

There is an exhaust port which can drain cleaning of an inside and garbage sewage smoothly. The waste plug is a screw type.

Correspond to FRP resin thermal recycling.

FRP has been recycled as a rod-like solid fuel with high thermal efficiency. It is mainly used in the cement plant, the iron mill, the thermal power plant, etc. Ash after combustion is fully recyclable in the cement mix.



Exclusive lid
It is a big opening which opening and closing can be comfortably done by crease lid specification, and is easy to throw in garbage. We prevent the leakage of odor and dust scattering by a lid.


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