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Jumbo Sta. 1800

Jumbo Sta. J1800

Jumbo Sta. J1800G
Jumbo Sta. J1800

P/O No.J1800
Explanatory notesForwarding Charges excluded.

You can store a large amount of trash at once.
Line up: 1800L


FRP material is outstanding durability.

Since FRP products are also used in supersonic aircraft and Shinkansen, It is durable and lightweight. Moreover, It does not fade semi-permanent.

Form a safety-conscious

The angle has become gentle rounded shape to avoid injury on contact.

The design which rain water does not enter.

The standup is prepared in the top entrance shape so that rain water dose not go into an inside.


With safety against overturning bolt

Since the safety against overturning bolt is attached to the back, it can connect with a wall by chain and is safe at the time of a strong wind.

Easy recovery may be the introduction of garbage.

Two entrance slots are prepared in the upper part, and big garbage can also be thrown in easily. At the time of recovery, a double front recovery door opening outward is made to full open, and recovery efforts can also be simplified.

Lid stop hook

The lid stop hook sticks so that a lid may not fly by a strong wind.


Bottom one molding and Sanitary

There is no fear of garbage sewage leaking by Bottom one molding and Sanitary. Moreover, you can wash inside easily.

Correspond to FRP resin thermal recycling.

FRP has been recycled as a rod-like solid fuel with high thermal efficiency. It is mainly used in the cement plant, the iron mill, the thermal power plant, etc. Ash after combustion is fully recyclable in the cement mix.



Key processing

Key processing
It prevents being able to open a lid freely. Because it is a dial lock key included, do not have to worry about missing a key.



There is also on casters for easy movement. Because with a stopper, it is not blown away by the wind. (Casters: dia.100mm 6 place dia.75mm 1 place), *Case with casters: Height is 1600mm.



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