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Jumbo Container KWC500/KWC500F

Jumbo Container KWC500 / KWC500F

ジャンボコンテナ KWC500
Jumbo Container KWC500 / KWC500F

KWC500 寸法

Jumbo Container KWC500/KWC500F

P/O No. KWC500/KWC500F
Size [Main body + Lib] Width:1340*Depth:865*Height:745mm
[Main body/External dimension] Width:1340*Depth:865*Height:692mm
[Main body/Inner dimension]Width:1150*Depth:865*Height:88mm
[Lib] Width:1340*Depth:865*Thinness:88mm
Weight [Main body] 35kg
[Lib] 1piece: 12kg
MaterialPolyethylene, Foaming urethane
ColorSky blue
Explanatory notes Drain:dia.50mm

Excellent sealability and Sanitary without leaking the bad smell.
Can carry it by a forklift.
Almighty containers for accumulation, storage and conveyance.

Line up: 1000L


Polyethylene two-layer structure and internal foaming urethane

Polyethylene two-layer structure and internal foaming urethane

The intensity of a container is raised and an internal temperature is kept constant by the polyethylene two-layer structure and internal foaming urethane.

Can be stacked

Can be stacked

With lid, without lid, can be stacked either. A storage space can be used effectively.

Removable cover

Removable cover

The cover is a removal-type cover which is easy to treat by two division. Since a main part and a cover are easily fixable in an exclusive band, heat insulation sealing nature is maintainable.


Drainage cap

Drainage cap

The dia.50mm exhaust port is prepared. It is the screw-type drainage cap which is not leaking.




You can install a 150mm diameter wheels to allow a little movement. (Freely caster with stopper 2 place,Free location caster:2place) *If you have installed a caster, the product can not be stacked.


Character seal
It is possible to attach a character seal in the side of a main part.

Equipment for Reversal lift
It can convey easily by a reversal lift.Since it corresponds to rotation 180 degrees, the contents can be abandoned at once.




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