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JumboPail PRF1000C / PRF1000K

JumboPail PRF1000C / PRF1000K

JumboPail PRF-1000
JumboPail PRF1000C










PRF1000 寸法

P/O No.PRF1000CPRF1000K
Size[Body dimensions with casters] width:1002*Depth:1018*Height:1193mm[Body dimensions fixed foot type] Width:1002Depth:1018*Height:1178mm
MaterialPolyethylene, Stainless steel metal fittings
ColorLight gray
Caster/Fixed foot typedia.75mm -


Garbage separation container of 1000L capacity.
Can be used in large capacity and sanitary at construction sites, factories and leisure facilities, event venue.

Line up: 1000L


Flexible polyethylene

Polyethylene products are very elastic and the special feature is strong against a shock.


Easy open and close cover

The leak of a bad smell and dispersion of garbage are prevented because there is a cover. Since the handle sticks were installed on the cover,it is easy to open/close.

Cover fasteners

The Cover fastener is attached so that a lid may not fly by a gust.

Sanitary with drain plug

There is no fear of garbage sewage leaking with the waste plug of a bottom. Moreover,it is easy to wash the inside.


Choose caster or fixed leg

Can choose a caster type or fixed leg type. Even If you choice a fixed type,it will not be blown off by the wind as the caster have stoppers.



Sign character seal C type

Sign character seal C type
Easy to understand separation of inputs. We provide the sign character seal which can be freely chosen according to a use.


Character seal

Character seal
It is possible to attach a character seal in the front of a main part.


Key processing(Two locations front and back)

Key processing(Three locations )
To prevent from being arbitrarily opened the lid. The key does not have to worry about losing the key because it is wire lock of the push type.



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