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STF series


大型ゴミステーション ジャンボメッシュ ST760



ST400 寸法

P/O No. STF1400
Size Set:Width1800×Depth825×Height1200(580)mm
MaterialIron (Galvanization finish)
Explanatory notesHole for anchor bolt dia.12mm
Goods are the assembly specification.

大型ゴミステーション ジャンボメッシュ STシリーズ

One-touch can be folding storage, it does not interfere with traffic even in a narrow place.
Line up 1400L



In use, after moving the bottom plate by the handle operation, it can be set at the touch of a button.



Since it has the casters, it can smooth the folding storage.


Can be fixed with Fixing bracket

It can be installed the fixing bracket to prevent to fall down at the time of folding it. It has the anchor hole(12Φ) for it.

stf 地面との固定

As mobile garbage station

If you do not want to use as the folding storage, since it have the casters, you can also be used as a mobile garbage station.


Can be located along the wall with fixing bracket

If it is located along the wall or the fence ,it will be installed the fixing bracket at the bottom in order to be bound up with string on the wall or fence.



Operating handle

At the time of set-storage can be operated by a handle without touching by hand the bottom plate directly.



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