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FPR Large Aquarium joint type MR series

FPR Large Aquarium MR joint type series

FPR Large Aquarium MR4000

P/O No.Capacity(L)Inner dimension(mm)External dimension(mm)
[Color] Outside:White/Inside:Light blue
Order products. Please check the delivery time when ordering.
We also manufacture custom size. Please feel free to contact us.

The amazing large-sized tank is achieved with joint structure. It made of FRP and it is remarkable durability and weather resistance.
Line up: 4000L-8000L


It is made of FRP with excellent weather resistance.

Heat in water temperature is 80 ℃. You can also put a chemical because it is not Free of alkali.

Bottom tilted structure

Since the bottom inclines in the center, drainage can be done smoothly.


Flexible joint

Ceiling processing has been performed after uniting and carrying out the bolt stop of the junction flange of the part divided into two.

Correspond to FRP resin thermal recycling.

FRP has been recycled as a rod-like solid fuel with high thermal efficiency. It is mainly used in the cement plant, the iron mill, the thermal power plant, etc. Ash after combustion is fully recyclable in the cement mix.



Heat insulation type

Heat insulation type
Heat insulation processing can be performed for keeping cool and dew condensation prevention.


Drain valve (plastic)

Drain valve (plastic)
can drain adjusting amount of water.
Valve size which can be attached : 15A, 20A, 25A, 40A, 50A


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