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Jumbo Tank series

Jumbo Tank series type T

業務用大型タンク ジャンボタンク510T

業務用大型タンク ジャンボタンク710T









T510 sunpou             T710 寸法


業務用大型タンク ジャンボタンク910T

業務用大型タンク ジャンボタンク1070T

T910 寸法     T1070 寸法

業務用大型タンク ジャンボタンク1400T

T1400 寸法

P/O No.Capacity(L)Weight(kg)Inner dimension(mm)External dimension(mm)Leg interval(mm)Number of stages can be stacked
Forwarding Charges excluded.

Since it is the product made from FRP excellent in weather ability and alkali resistance, it is OK even if it puts in medicine.
Line up: 510L, 7100L, 1070L, 1400L


Sanitary management with white tank

When judging the quality and the state of a content by a color, You cannot do exact judgment by reflect lump in the case of a tank with a color. It also becomes easy to control the quality by making an inner wall white.

Can work with a forklift.

The nail of a fork can be inserted between an installation surface and the bottom of a main part. Move work can also be done by a lift.

Withstand-load rib structure

Can be stacked up to four stages with large foots overhanging.The structure of bearing the weight of the accumulated load is adopted.


Correspond to FRP resin thermal recycling.

FRP has been recycled as a rod-like solid fuel with high thermal efficiency. It is mainly used in the cement plant, the iron mill, the thermal power plant, etc. Ash after combustion is fully recyclable in the cement mix.



Drain valve (plastic)

Drain valve (plastic)
can drain adjusting amount of water.
Valve size which can be attached : 15A, 20A, 25A, 40A


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