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Artificial Seawater

Artificial Seawater MarineSalt

Artificial Seawater MarineSalt(100L)
MarineSalt (For 100L)

Artificial Seawater MarineSalt(200L)
MarineSlat (For 200L)

P/O No.Corresponding waterShipment unit
MarineSalt (For 100L)100L1 box containing 4 units
MarineSalt (For 200L)200L1 box containing 3 units

Dr.Aqua Wonder Zalts

Artificial Seawater Dr.Aqua Wonder Zalts
Dr.Aqua Wonder Zalts
For Bussiness use 500L

P/O No.Corresponding waterShipment unit
Dr.Aqua Wonder Zalts (For Bussiness use 500L)500L500L units per box

It is the artificial seawater which contained the deep-sea-water type mineral fully.
430 ppm of calcium is contained. It is the best for the development of coral.

Line up: For 100L, 200L, 500L


Artificial Seawater MarineSalt

Artificial Seawater MarineSalt
(For 100L)

Artificial Seawater MarineSalt
(For 200L)

  • Enhanced mixing minerals
    It has blended magnesium and calcium highly, making deep sea water into a model.
  • Melts quickly and High transparency
    It's easy to melt and impurity goes out early, and moreover the clarity is high, so It is the best for an aquarium ornamental.This makes the invertebrate the environment which is effective and also suits laying of fish in particular.A polyp of coral opens beautifully.
  • Seawater is long-lasting
    Even if it is a tank of the fish main which tends to incline toward acidity, the fall of pH value is controlled by powerful pH stable action for a long period of time.
  • Cut moss nutrients
    The phosphate and nitrate used as the nutritive substance failing to get off the ground are cut.
  • Chlorine omission needlessness
    Since the chlorine neutralizer is contained, you can use tap water.
  • Clean and secure
    There is no mixing of the nitrogen compound and disease germ which are the faults of natural sea water.
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