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P/O No.External dimension(mm)Inner dimension(mm)CapacityWeightMaterialColor
KHS-19016008002151500676210190L19kgPolyethylene resinLight blue
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It is rich in elasticity and made of Polyethylen which is a flexible and strong against a shock. The dirt will be fall off easily by washing

It is rich in elasticity and is a flexible product made from polyethylene strong against a shock.
It can drop on washing the dirt of a tank in cold water easily.




Since it has an exhaust port, water can be replaced easily.



Partition (transparent PVC perforated plate)

Partition (transparent PVC perforated plate)
By setting the partition plate, can be divided up into four water tank, you can be broken down by type breeding goldfish and turtles, and crayfish.


Protection cover (transparent PVC perforated plate)
A protection cover can be attached so that the small animals bred may not escape.


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