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Case Example

Our products are requesting diversification from customer depending on the puepose or uses,such as functionality, economic efficiency,and designability.We repeat examination and verification from various angles in order to meet the needs of our customers and then we will continue to offer better products. We introduce the case we have delivered.


Large Trash Station:ST-1100

You can see the garbage situation at a glance so you can manage comfortable.

Delivered product:ST-1100

Community and public facilities

Large Trash Station:ST-760

We have delivered our product to the residents' association.

Delivered product:ST-760

Large Trash Station:ST-1100

This is the example that it is fitted with a stainless steel roof as an option.

Delivered product:ST-1100


Government office

Large Trash Containers FR-450C

We have delivered the FR-450C as a BOX for Tempra oil recovery to the Tahara City Hall.

Delivered product:FR-450C

Large Trash Containers PE700

It is also used as a paper collection BOX in Morioka city hall.

Delivered product:PE700

Research facility


We delivered a large aquarium in the Fisheries Laboratory of the University.

Delivered product:RKR

Fish market & fishery processing factory

Freely Split Polyethylene tank KBS-190

It is the case of deli-
very to the fish market.It is ideal for quality control because it has easily visible low structure and freely split partition plate.

Delivered product:KBS-190

FPR Large Sorting Table KB-1800

It is the case of delivery to the fishermen’s association.It is a sorting table which can do sorting work without placing fishes directly on the floor at a fish market etc.

Delivered product:KB-1800

FPR Large Aquarium RK

Delivered product:RK

It is the case of delivery to the fishermen’s association. It is made of FRP with excellent weather resistance. Heat in water temperature is 80 ℃. You can also put a chemical because it is not Free of alkali.

Delivered product:RK


Food processing

Jumbo Container KWC-1000

We have delivered a KWC-1000 to Sake Brewery.

Delivered product:Jumbo Container KWC-1000

Jumbo Container KWC-1000

It is also used for carry reaf vegetables,Nozawana.

Delivered product:KWC-1000

Jumbo ContainerKWC-1000

It is also used as food storage in refrigerated containers.

Delivered product:KWC-1000


Jumbo Container KWC-1000

It is the case of delivery to the compost plant factory.

Delivered product:KWC-1000

Jumbo Container KWC-1350

Set up the lift receptacle as exclusive option in order to convey by a reversal lift.

Delivered product:KW-1350


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