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2005NEW Environment Exhibition(NEXPO 2005)

"2005NEW Environment Exhibition" was held at Tokyo Big Sight on May 24-27 2005.It was the largest international exhibition in Asia, not only in Japan. It was the Comprehensive exhibition about Environmental equipment, system for environmental protection , materials and recycling.

Especially Standard Products HG series "J1500G", Separate collection BOX, New Product Europe style dust cart "KF-660", We had a number of inquiries about those products facility "smart Design and 600L large capacity".

Displayed Products: JumboPail HG series, JumboPail J-1500G, DustCart KT series, DustCart KF series, Trash Bins for Garbage Separation, CartPail CP series EcoCart series Jumbo Container C-1000

2005NEW Environment Exhibition 01

2005NEW Environment Exhibition 02


Japan International Seafood Show

"Japan International Seafood Show" was held at Tokyo Big Sight on July 19-21 2005.It was a Japan's largest Business Meeting Exhibition and International Trade Fair about Seafood.

We exhibited our special product "Artificial Seawater" and the Tank and Container used in seafood processing plants or fish market.

Japan International Seafood Show 01

Japan International Seafood Show 02


2003NEW Environment Exhibition(NEXPO 2003)

"2003NEW Environment Exhibition" was held under the theme of "Challenge to the environmental revolution to protect the future of the people and the Earth" at Tokyo Big Sight on May 28-31 2003.

We participated following last year. We increased the exhibition products such as New product " Separation minimum Bottom MB series", Standard product of Large Trash Containers "HG series", Large capacity "J-500G", therefore the Exhibition this year became more fulfilling.

2003NEW Environment Exhibition 01

2003NEW Environment Exhibition 02


2002NEW Environment Exhibition(NEXPO 2002)

"2002NEW Environment Exhibition" was at Tokyo Big Sight on May 22-25 2002.

We considered the waste problem getting worse and exhibited "Trash Bins for Garbage Separation" mainly as a product that contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution on social and economic activities.

2002NEW Environment Exhibition 01

2002NEW Environment Exhibition 02


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